VSTA, Add-Ins and WPF
Individual extensions in zenon

Highly flexible. Individual. Reusable.

We develop custom enhancements for zenon in order to adapt the functional range of zenon to all individual requirements.

Our modules work as embedded, flexible WPF Control, as Add-In, Windows service in the background or as VSTA module. They are developed and reusable throughout in C# (CSharp) for .NET.


Individual processes and
Visualization elements

With C# we realize program code for zenon, which extends visualizations and processing procedures by your needs and individuality.

Representation forms and interactions can be mapped that go beyond industry standards.
– as WPF Control

Individual programs realize tasks with access to the entire zenon library.
– as zenon Add-In for the Editor or the Runtime
– as a Windows service in the background
– as embedded VSTA macro


zenon supports the Add-In technology since version 7.60.
This enables an extended processing of data within the zenon system and connections with external data suppliers and service couplings.

Our Add-Ins can read and write access to all state data and interface variables of the zenon system.
Complex application couplings from other systems that trigger or influence processes in zenon as well as return values from zenon can be realized.

Add-Ins always run in the context of the zenon Runtime.
This ensures that the program code contained in the Add-In is only executed when the zenon Runtime is running. Furthermore, the Add-In can be started or stopped from within zenon. This also realizes the redundant operation over several Runtime Servers.


zenon supports WPF elements.
The WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) allows the use of most of the presentation elements of Windows systems, as well as the program code that is associated with them.

Highly flexible, modern visual elements with a complex range of functions as embedded WPF controls cannot be distinguished from the zenon-integral elements in visualizations.
We implement WPF elements including multilingualism and adaptability if required.

Application examples for Add-Ins and VSTA

  • Import of order data from individual applications or files into zenon.
  • Export of complex result data to individual applications or data systems.
  • Recognition of complex states taking into account different dependencies and time periods.

For smaller solutions or simple tasks the VSTA modules can be used.

Application examples for WPF

  • Display of tables and manipulation of data in tabular form.
  • Complex diagrams and visualization elements, filled with instantaneous or archive values.
  • Combination of data from external applications, databases or from calculations.

SCADA-Automation has more than 7 years of experience in developing individual extensions for Copa-Data zenon
and more than 15 years experience in the .NET Framework with C#.