EMS System at the Education and Innovation Campus, HWK Potsdam

Project Details

Project: EMS of the Competence Centre for Energy Storage and Energy System Management
Client: Potsdam Chamber of Crafts, Education and Innovation Campus

SCADA Deliveries

Energy and generator management system
Redundant data storage
Zenon Energy Edition, V.10
HMI design in FullHD
detailed data presentation
Interfaces IEC60870-5-104, Modbus-TCP, OCPP, KNX/EIB, OPC
Connecting to Lucas Nülle trainer stands
Data export to WordPress dashboards
Interfacing with Bachmann M1 Controller
Integration of Bachmann GSP protection
Microgrid management featuring island grid
Weather and producer forecasts
Power generation control
Control charging infrastructure
Integration of LiIon storage WBS750
Integration of 11x PV system (144 kW)
Wind turbine integration
Integration of redox flow storage
Integration ids MV terminal station


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