Compact concrete station of WEMAG, EDIS Friedland IElectrix, 1,000 MWh Li-Ion

EDIS Friedland IElectrix left
EDIS Friedland IElectrix view from left, 2020
  • smartBattery IDT/Samsung
  • Zenon Energy Edition, 8.10
  • Bachmann M1 Controller with Grid measurement, synchronisation and protection module GSP
  • HMI Design 1024×768, Touch
  • IEC60870-5 Interfaces -104, -101
  • Modbus-TCP Interfaces
  • Profinet Interface
  • Interfacing with network operator
  • Certified EGP controller (VDE-AR-N-4110)
  • Interfacing with virtual power plant smartEMS via VHPready

zenon Features

  • Alarm Forwarding
  • Chronological Event List (CEL)
  • Access Levels
  • Automated Line Coloring (ALC)
  • Straton | Zenon Logic

The storage facility at the Friedland site is being brought in by E.DIS as an E.ON subsidiary as part of the IElectrix project. 14 project partners from nine EU countries and the power utility TATA Power from India will jointly develop mobile storage as a fast and cost-effective solution to local challenges in the distribution grid. IELECTRIX is part of the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The project started on 1 May 2019 and will run for three and a half years.

The WEMAG battery storage system in compact design (WBS) represents the storage solution and was presented for the first time in 2018 as a pilot project in Neustadt-Glewe.
SCADA-Automation provides the know-how and the components for the control, visualisation and monitoring of the WBS product line from the development phase until today.

The specific inverter/battery combination is mapped in the smartBattery solution.
This runs with all other control components in the Bachmann M1, which implements both the measured value processing, status and station monitoring and the certified EGP control with the SPPC.
Through the connection via the VHPready compliant interface to the virtual power plant smartEMS, all automatic operating functions are available via remote control. In absence of a virtual power plant, the local operation management in the WBS enables independent operation.

The operating concept, based on Copa-Data zenon and optimised for touchscreens, is realised with a modern, strait design (resolution 1,024 x 768 points). The full-colour visualisation with anthracite background immediately catches the eye and allows a comfortable overview of the operating status and intuitive on-site operational management.
A series of graphical evaluations supplement the detailed views of the plant.

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