Refurbished battery power plant WEMAG 15MWh Li-Ion

WEMAG Lankow, Batteries, (c) WEMAG Tobias Struck
  • Redundant operation
  • Redundant EZA controller
  • SCADA system zenon Energy Edition
  • Upgrading of IT components
  • Interfacing with grid operator
  • Delivery of new inverter controller
  • Interfacing to EAD commercialisation
  • Modernisation in ongoing operation

Power plant modes

  • PRL control
  • SRL regulation
  • MRL regulation
  • Timetable business

Schwerin battery storage power plant Refurbished

The Schwerin battery storage power plant was the first major commercial PRL power plant in Europe and was supplied by the former Younicos AG, which no longer exists.

Following the discontinuing of the companies busines and the withdrawal of Aggreko, WEMAG was faced with the challenge of implementing modernization measures to ensure long-term and efficient operation. In this context, SCADA-Automation proved to be the ideal partner and successfully won the contract for the implementation.

An impressive 90% of the system was converted during ongoing operation. Particularly noteworthy are the redundant certified control and regulation systems for the generation plants, which are currently considered unique. Battery management has been seamlessly adopted from our PrioHUB, which aims to ensure balanced and efficient use of battery capacity.

The technical units, 18 in total, were equipped with the latest smartBAT software, which is based on the tried-and-tested Bachmann M1 controller components.

Thanks to the comprehensive modernization of the control system, IT and control system, the power plant can now not only perform PRL functions, but is also able to be connected to the energy plant dispatcher. This enables the power plant to take on a variety of tasks and further strengthen its role as a flexible and efficient component of the energy supply system.

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