Energy Management Systems (EMS) and
Energy Data Management Systems (EDMS) according to ISO 50001

The topic of energy currently plays a role for everyone.

As a rule, it is the costs of consumer electricity systems or the achievable price in the case of electricity generation systems that are to be influenced.
The possibilities for influencing this are manifold and the regulations of the energy market are sometimes confusing.

In addition to plant monitoring and operational management of energy production plants, we implement energy management systems for balancing different producers and consumers within a company or on the transmission grid, and energy data management systems for verification according to ISO 50001.

The topic of energy plays one of the main roles for us.

Our many years of experience in the development and implementation of energy management systems and the integration of energy plants will help you to optimize your costs.

current project

Microgrid EMS, Education and Innovation Campus Craft, HWK Potsdam

The Microgrid EMS at the Education and Innovation Campus of the Potsdam Chamber of Crafts in Groß Kreutz was developed over two years by the SCADA-Automation team. It is a central element at the German Competence Centre for Energy Storage and Energy System Management, which opened in April 2022.

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Energy data recording

The collection of data of producers and consumers within a plant, a production line, a company, an organization is the basis for effective energy management and energy data management.

Energy data is collected by instrument transformers directly at switchgears or distribution systems (LVMS, MVS) and forwarded via standard protocols to systems for storage, presentation, analysis and archiving.

Thanks to the manufacturer-independent, open platform, zenon offers a very flexible way of integrating measured values and switchgear into the system for further processing. More than 300 protocol drivers are available for integrating field devices and sensors.

Energy Data Management Systems (EDMS)

An energy data management system in accordance with ISO 50001 records all energy flows in a company so that the energy consumed and, for example, the energy fed into the grid can be allocated to the energy consumers, an energy efficiency can be determined and thus also influenced in a targeted manner.

ISO 50001 supports the establishment of an energy data management system in organisations and companies and is a basis for corresponding certifications, which can have a tax-reducing effect or influence the level of charges under the Renewable Energy Sources Act.

Energy Management Systems (EMS)

Energy management systems are an umbrella term for various tasks and applications which realize a manual or automatic control of generating plants and/or consumers.

They follow specific frameworks, generally aimed at optimising costs, effectiveness or favouring certain producers or consumers.

With zenon and Straton we implement energy management systems for the targeted automatic or manual balancing of different producer and consumer units. With the help of the EMS, for example, grid services can be marketed, peak loads can be avoided or regenerative producers can work in a balanced manner with a storage system.