The virtual power plant in zenon

All energy flows linked together. Targeted coordination. Smartly used.
smartEMS-V1.4 465x263
  • Flexible connection of generators and consumers with VHPready
    via standard protocols IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 61850, Modbus.
  • Standard grid modes available for the pool and can be combined with project-specific modes.
    primary control – secondary control – minute reserve – direct trade
  • Supports single network applications and distributed networks.
  • Suitable for utilities and consumers.
  • All functionalities of zenon.

The smartEMS enables the intelligently linked use of all generation and consumption systems in a virtual power plant.
The system ensures the achievement of various specifications on the power grid and the provision of grid services, and extends the functionalities of zenon beyond load management.


In smartEMS, generation plants are intelligently linked with their characteristic features and priorities.
The smartEMS automatically determines which system contributes to the marketing objective – or the operator can determine it manually at any time.
Each installation may also be involved in several marketing objectives at the same time, thus contributing one part to primary control and another part to secondary control.
In this way, the producer group also compensates for deficits in other plants.

Consumption plants are also integrated, and obtain their energy optimally based on the marketing conditions.

Energy flows in sight at all times

Generation plants, consumption plants, marketing success – you always have all aspects of the virtual power plant in focus.

All functionalities of zenon are available to make the smartEMS as smart as you need it.

Always the appropriate measure

Due to its architecture in zenon, the smartEMS is suitable for every imaginable expansion stage.
Individual systems can be integrated in the same way as several system groups.

– We implement the connection of the systems via the IEC standard protocols and thus map the VHPready protocol.
– Large installations or high availabilities can be realized with distributed zenon installations and redundancies.


SCADA-Automation has more than 8 years of experience in the development of energy management and operational management solutions based on Copa-Data zenon. The team was significantly involved in the implementation of the first battery power plant prequalified in the primary control market (WEMAG Schwerin-Lankow) and other power plants in Germany and abroad. SCADA-Automation is supplier of the Microgrid EMS at the Education and Innovation Campus of the Potsdam Chamber of Crafts in Groß Kreutz, a central element at the German Competence Center for Energy Storage and Energy System Management.

smartEMSis a registered trademark of SCADA-Automation GmbH