Jens Ramlow

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Personal data

  • Jens Ramlow
  • Graduate computer scientist (FH)
  • Control Systems Architect & Managing Director
  • Phone : +49 170 8589765
  • E-Mail : ramlow(at)

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About Jens

As one of the founders and managing directors of SCADA-Automation, Jens Ramlow is committed to the change in the automation landscape towards open, flexible systems.
Rigid, hardware-based system solutions with vendor lock-in must give way to scalability, flexibility and modern algorithms with interfaces to any vendor.

Jens Ramlow worked for more than 4 years at Younicos AG, the pioneer in battery storage technology. As head of SCADA and Controls, he was significantly involved in the introduction of power plant control systems based on COPA-DATA zenon, because the server-based, open system convinced him compared to conventional control systems.

In addition, he draws on more than ten years of experience in operations, IT data center operations, software projects and management as CIO at a medium-sized software manufacturer for CRM systems and publishing software.

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Special experiences

  • Copa-Data zenon Professional Certificate
  • Project planning, management and calculation
  • IT infrastructures, communication and data centre operation
  • C# .NET development, VSTA, zenon Add-Ins, WPF Controls
  • Power plant control, commercial control, operation modes, grid codes
  • IEC standard protocols, KNX EIB and interfaces