Martin Spiegel

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Personal data

  • Martin Spiegel
  • State certified technician for automation technology
  • Control Systems Engineer & Managing Director
  • Phone : +49 176 20755461
  • E-Mail : spiegel(at)

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About Martin

Hardware independent solutions, as the innovative product zenon from COPA-DATA, which is a leap beyond industry 4.0, inspire me and led to SCADA automation.
As Control System Engineer, co-founder and one of the managing directors of SCADA-Automation, I look forward to modernising your plant or to supporting you in your project with automation and control system solutions.

Martin Spiegel is a state-certified technician for automation technology and worked for more than 4 years at Younicos AG, the pioneer in battery storage technology. There he was significantly involved in the design and development of the control systems for operational management, control and monitoring in the battery power plants.
Before studying to become a technician, he also gained experience in the commercial operation of grid replacement and energy plants.

Contact person

  • zenon solutions and training
  • smartBattery controls
  • Straton and zenon Logic

Special experiences

  • Copa-Data zenon Professional Certificate
  • Grid replacement plants and power generation
  • Inspection and commissioning of energy and industrial plants
  • Connections to superordinate control and archiving systems
  • System analysis and system design of control systems for battery power plants
  • IEC protocols and field bus systems, IEC 61131-3 Programming