Battery Container DREWAG, 2 MW Li-Ion

  • Redundant operation
  • zenon Energy Edition, 7.11
  • HMI design in FullHD
  • Interfacing with IEC60870-5-104, OPC, Modbus-TCP
  • Interfacing with grid provider
  • Interfacing with network operator
  • Interfacing with WAGO digital I/O (AUX)
  • Interfacing with Bachmann M1 Controller

zenon Features

  • Alarm list (AML)
  • Alarm Forwarding
  • Chronological Event List (CEL)
  • Access Levels
  • Automated Line Coloring (ALC)
  • Process Gateway IEC60870-5-104
  • Straton | Zenon Logic

The container-based battery storage solution in Dresden was built in 2015 by NIDEC ASI in cooperation with DREWAG as client and owner.

The SCADA Automation team supplied the control system for operational management and control of the inverter controllers based on zenon Energy Edition version 7.11.

The design in Full-HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 dots) was carried out consistently with representations according to customer requirements.
Especially in the overview display of the containers, access control and fire extinguishing equipment were integrated.
The start screen gives an overview of the containers and marks the operating and alarm status of the plant components very clearly.

The SCADA system is concentrating incoming alarms to a few alarm classes and forwards to the super ordinated SCADA of the grid operator.
Graphical diagrams are supplementing scores of detail views of the plant, including functions for manual operation of the plant.

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